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About Us

Babacan Holding a subsidiary of Babacan Holding, has been in this business since 2002 with its quality-oriented and unique business models that distinguish the company from others, and it offers reliable sustainability to all its stakeholders and to the community with its innovative and integrated construction solutions.

Since 2002, Babacan Yapı has constructed more than 4000 residences under its brand and offered quality living spaces to its investors.

Babacan Yapı, Babacan Yapı builds buildings that “Become more Valuable” as described in its mission adopted for residential projects.

Babacan Yapı Projects are located along the main arterial roads of Istanbul and the projects satisfy the investors as values of these residences, high street shops, stores and office areas increase day by day. In addition to the increasing value of our projects, satisfaction of the residents as well as their serenity and sense of security are the primary reasons that motivate us to work more and more.

Babacan Yapı will continue to build residences and commercial buildings, all works of conceptual design, in Turkey and, soon, overseas and to offer profitable options to the investors as well as reassuring the residents.

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